FAQ’s About The BLK Nile

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our products and services.


The BLK Nile aims to provide a safe and family friendly shopping experience. If you find that a store or vendor is selling counterfeit items, attempting to human traffic, sell child pornography, sell sex services, sell severely damaged/worn items, or any other unethical service or product; Please REPORT them to The BLK Nile IMMEDIATELY! We prosecute to the fullest extent of the law and involve law enforcement agencies (DEA, ATF, FBI, ICE, LOCAL law enforcement agencies etc.) for those violate criminal law and our company policies. Please also report scams, money laundering, fraudulent pages, and site spammers/ trolls. Suspension and Deletion of your account will occur if The BLK Nile finds evidence that you are involved in any of the above but not limited to activities.

Store Set-Up:

Store setup takes place immediately upon approval of your store via a store setup wizard. We recommend to complete your store setup 100%, which will be indicated by a progress bar. If you need to quit store setup or if you choose to go back to the store setup at a later date or time, simply click on “Settings” on your profiles dashboard to start or complete your store setup.


Memberships reoccur on a monthly basis at the monthly rate you selected upon trial membership. This monthly reoccurring membership is active until your subscription is cancelled or stopped. You can upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time. Memberships that are upgraded are prorated however the maximum number of items able to be sold will be for the current selected membership. Memberships cannot overlap.


The BLK Nile has an integrated shipping platform to make shipping a breeze. The customer will choose their shipping rate, you the store vendor w ill select the appropriate package. Once the order is complete, you will be able to print a shipping label from the comfort of your home. All you need is a printer and some printing labels or paper. Secure the label on the box and take it to your local UPS or USPS site. You can also arrange for at home pickup through the appropriate website of selected shipping. We also allow you to use your own shipping platform. Just add your API key and secret key to set up. Shipping labels will only be printed for our platforms of shipping.

Payment Withdrawals:

Currently we partner with STRIPE and PAYPAL for account withdrawals. Please visit these sites to setup a free account today to start receiving your payouts from earned commissions.



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